Changing material

Ultimaker 2+

Materials can be changed easily on the Ultimaker 2+ by using the procedure from the menu. With this procedure the old material will first be unloaded after which you can insert new material.

Removing the old material

Removing the filament can simply be done by following the steps below.


  1. Go to the menu Material > Change.

  2. Wait for the nozzle to heat up and reverse the material.

  3. Remove the material from the feeder and spool holder.

Loading the new material

After removing the material you can start loading the new material in the same way as done during the first use of your Ultimaker 2+.


  1. Place the new material spool on the spool holder. Make sure to put it with the material in counter-clockwise direction, so that the material can enter the feeder from the bottom. Straighten the material a bit so it can easily enter the feeder.

  2. Insert the material into the feeder and push it until the feeder grabs it and the material is visible in the bowden tube. Confirm to continue. The Ultimaker 2+ will now automatically load the filament through the bowden tube into the print head.

  3. Confirm when the new material extrudes from the nozzle.